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Hello.. Happy New Year 2017 for my beloved reader.

How about your running in 2016? Do you achieve your goal or not? In my cases, I just complete 43% of my previous distance target. Last year, my goal is to achieve 1,000 kilometer a year but I can't even reached 500 kilometer. It is ashamed that I thought the 1,000 kilometer is not really hard to achieved for a year. 

Let's calculate the target. In a year there are 52 weeks. If I could run 48 weeks and run 20 kilometer a week, I could run a total around 960 kilometer. And to add 40 kilometer is easy if I could manage it. 
But, what past is past. In 2017, I've target another goal. As I've failed the goal in 2016, I'm lower my expectation. As I could run 430 kilometer last year, I need to increase some percent of the target. I'm added to 600 kilometer next year which is almost 40% increase from my previous achievement. 
To achieve it, I need to be more consistent. Firstly, in first quarter (before Jun 2016), I need to finish at least 360 kilometer. Is it hard to achieve? If I could do it consistent I need to run 60 kilometer per month which mean I need to run at least 15 kilometer per week. Based on this calculation, I though I could achieve it if I do it properly like this :-

Tuesday  : 6 kilometer
Thursday : 4 kilometer
Saturday : 8 kilometer

If this amount could be follow it is not impossible to get the total amount before June. The hardest part is on fasting day that begin on Mei-June. So I need to do a slow jogging on that month. Maybe I need to push on January - April before Ramadhan.
Or maybe I could do at Gym on Ramadhan and running on treadmill.
| Do you want to own a treadmill? |
I'm also planning to do some Half Marathon this year. The important part is need to do training consistently. If not, is it impossible to do half marathon. For event I'm waiting for some event such as Fit Malaysia or participate in event that list on 2017. Hopefully I could achieve my target this year and hope no injury in my feet.
I'm also target that I could reach pace below 7min/kilometer in some event. As now, I need to do more work as my pace now is bad. It is average 9.** min/kilometer in some training. 
I hope I could run and hold my breath at pace 8.** before continuing to fasten my pace. It is bad timing if the pace is not improve.
Other than that, I hope this blog could become a place for me to share my though of running and if possible, I hope it could return me some investment. Wish that I could buy some smartwatch such as Garmin Forerunner or FItbit. It is hard to run with handphone .Buy for yourself this Garmin  Fitbit or Epson Runsense and it will help me too.

Okay, that's for starter in 2017. Wish you luck with your running and Happy New Year. 

Keep Running and Get Healthy Body !!

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