Sunday Morning Run : 6 December 2015 and go to gym

This Saturday, I will participate in Color Me Run Malaysia. The venue of the event has changed from UTeM to Pulau Melaka. The coordinate of the new location is 2.178993, 102.253219.
This is first event for me at the Pulau Melaka and 2nd serious running. Maybe it is just Fun Run 5kilometer but it will become benchmark whether I could run and continue at the next event. The problem I've facing this week is my health condition. I'm not feeling well. I've a cough and colds. Sniff...sniff but I'm confident that I could run in Saturday. Hopefully my condition could be better.
Back to the topic, I've completed 2.68 kilometer in 22:16 minutes which is my average pace is 8:19 min/km. The pace is quite good but the distance is too short. 2.68 kilometer is not a big deal if I want to participate in other event. The shortest distance for most running event is 5 kilometer and it is an half from my running. But I don't want to push too much. I've plan to try running in veteran after my age reached 40 which is only 3 years onward. The Sunday run is on my residental area. I'm also bought inner pant and short pant. I think it could help me to run faster but the problem is there's no pocket. This Sunday Color Me Run, I need to think something. Maybe I need to run with bag or with pouchbag. It is hard when running wearing this but I don't have choice. Otherwise, I need to use my armband to put my handphone. I'm also afraid to put my wallet in the car. Need to bring on the run.

From this day, I will write about my weight and goal. My goal for this month is to get 65kg. On 1st December my weight is 70kg and after 8 days I just could reduce only 0.6kg. Now, my weight is 69.5 kg which mean I need to reduce another 4.5kg for next 22 days. Is it hard? Honestly, it is hard for me but I need to accept this challenge. Running is one way to reduce but the important thing is diet. How to control my diet and what to eat.
Other than that, I've been to gym near my house. It is only cost RM5 and you could workout anything and any long time. But I just workout about 40-50 minutes only. The sad about this gym is no treadmill for me. There's a treadmill but only for those women and people age 40s. It is hard for me as I want to keep fit on running. Maybe I need to get motivational. Or, using this Saitama from Onepunchman Manga as the motivational.

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