Perskindol , For Relief of Muscles Aches and Pain

Last Sunday, after competing(hahaha. funny) in Malacca Possible Run , there's a promoter introduced a new product for me. Okay, I'm noob and dunno product related to runner. The product is Perskindol Active Gel. The product is a gel applied externally for the relief of minor aches and pains in the muscle and joints. The gel is absorbed by the skin without leaving any residues on the clothing because it is not greasy. It also have spray version and can be used at our back, arms, legs, neck, elbows, knees, shoulders, hands and feet.

As a runner this gel is good for us as it is one of the thinnest lotion rather than we use oil. I've applied this lotion and it make my leg feeling cool. It also relief some of my pain after finish running. After using it, I think I must buy the Perskindol Active Spray as I will become active runner and maybe more distance after this. I'm recommend this product for runner to applied before or after running. But don't make it as a medicine. It just to relief and not to heal your body.

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