Is it ok to wear running shoes or sneakers without socks ?

I think many people have different perspective when running whether wear socks or not. I'm not exactly wear socks while on training but in the event it is a must.

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 But is it really need to wear socks while running? I've found some of discussion in the net about this

Without socks if the weather is on the warmer side because it's one less pair of socks I have to launder. Depends on the shoe. Some shoes have stitching on the inside that will rub against my toes and cause em to bleed.
You are vastly underestimating just how bad your shoes will smell after running in them repeatedly without socks. It won't just make the shoes stink, it won't just make the room they are in stink, hell, it won't just make your house stink. It will make the whole got dang neighborhood stink.
7 Things That Happen When You Wear Snicker without Socks.

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 How about you? Do you wear socks or not while running?

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