10 Bad Runner Habits

Runner have bad habit? It sound weird but RunnersWorld.com have given 10 bad runner habits and I'll like to share it :-

1) Running too much too soon. 
- The point is you come back to run too early after your injury. Yup, I'm agree that we need time to recover before running again. One of my friends have an experience coming too soon after injury and the pain is come even for 1st kilometer.

2) Refueling badly. 
- Okay, some of us just eating much after big hard runs. You just need to grab a high-carb snack then a meal with carbs and protein to rebuild muscle. 

3) Forgoing SPF 
- Sun exposure can be good but you need sunscreen on runs longer than 20 minute. Get the Sport Sunscreen lotion here 

4) Ignoring your core 

- Study found that if you did core exercises four times a week for six weeks ran a 5K 30 seconds faster than those who didn''t. Watch this 5 minute core workout here

5) Starting a race too fast 
- Don't start too fast. This is my mistake while I'm on beginner mode. I just try to run like other's professional and after 1kilometer I'm exhausted. Bring your smartphone or buy a GPS watch such as Garmin ForeRunner. It is important as you can see your actual pace. I'm a slow runner and I know my pace after using Runkeeper on my phone. 

6) Being your own doctor 
- If you don't have any medical qualification, don't tend to know about it. Sometimes minor injuries could turn into serious one. 

7) Skipping stretching 
- You can run but doing stretching could help to loosen muscle and prevent injuries. 

8) Not getting enough sleep 
- Adequate sleeping is important before running. Log your sleep time in your training journal and look for patterns. 

9) Not rest enough
 - Overtraining can lead many problems such as injury. Your body has limit and you need to have rest. 

10) Fixing it all 
- There's plenty advice on how to become good runner. So, let's fix it.

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