My New Running Shoe : Pronex and next event Melaka Heritage Run 2016

I just bought a new running shoe. It is cheap (only RM79.00) and the brand is unknown. I've search about the brand on the internet and can't find it.

 Maybe this shoe is from local distributor. I'ven't used it for running but already wear it at my office Team Building. It look okay for me.

 Hopefully it still good for my next event in April and wish that I could get sponsor for running shoe. Anybody want to sponsor? I need Asics Running Shoe

Other than that, I've registered to participate in Melaka Heritage City Half Marathon 2016. I've participate in 12 kilometer run.
It look tough as it will be my first more than 10km event. I've 3 months to train and I'll likely will try on the actual route.
Pray for me.

My resolution is still far.Untill today, I just finished 42.4 kilometer from 1,000 km target for this year. It is 4% achievement.

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