Saturday Run : Finish Colour Me Run 12 December 2015

Okay I just finish running on 'Colour Me Run' event. The event being held at Pulau Melaka, Melaka, Malaysia. I'm arrived at Pulau Melaka around 7 am and need to queue for kit collection. Honestly, it is a bad idea to collect kit on the event.

 The collection kit is a sunglases, a pack of colour powder and a wrist band.

The race starting on 8 am. The warmup has been held around 5 minutes but the coach is not really good. I don't think he is expertise as some of the exercise is bad and could injured participant. My result is 2.35 kilometer in 17:45 minutes and average pace is 7:34 minutes/km. It is a best personal record but I don't satisfied. It is because I've stop and walking 3 times in the running and the routes is not long. I need to stop as I've felt bad on my back pain. Hopefully, I could recover before next event on weekend which is more competitive.

For me, this run is okay but there's many improvement need to be done by organizer. They change the place last week which is not good. The event also not smooth especially in registration area. As I've mention above, they give kit at the event which is not a great idea. The route distance also change. In the beginning the distance is 5 kilometers but as I've finish with Runkeeper it show that the distance only 2.35 kilometer. The best part is they give a picture using their machine box and certificate. But the machine photo box background is not good. Maybe the background need to relate the event. Maybe this is just a fun run and not suitable for me as a lone participant. Maybe I need to think again before choosing this event.

For me, I think there's more improvement need to be done. I need to improve the stamina and keep longer distance. Hopefully, I could run without walking around 3 kilometer in next event.

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