My Running 2016 Resolution

2016 has come and I'm planning to challenge myself. As this is my 2nd year running, I've set some target to achieve next year as below:-

1) I want to participate at least 5 event. I want to participate in 5km running but there's not many. So, I've decided to participate in 10 km which is biggest challenge to my achievement. To participate in this event I must know my pace as there's a minimum time to get the finisher medal. Yes, I must get finisher medal on all event I've participate. That's my aim. As now, I've never reached 10 kilometer whether in training or event. It look hard to me but I've need to challenge myself. Maybe I still search for 5 kilometer in the beginning if it include finisher medal. 5 event means I need to prepare not just my physical but also money. The cost for the event is around RM60 above. And mostly the event is outside my state living. That's means I need to prepare about RM200 for an event. That's also costly but I need to do it. It could become my passion on running.

2) Running at least 150 run or 1,000 kilometer for 2016. It also look hard and long but if I don't put target, I won't have motivation. I think I will start the running count on 1st January 2016 which is around 6 kilometer. As I count, there's 52 weeks in a year. If I could run 20 km per week, I could achieve the target. How to achieve it? I need to run at least 3-4 times a week and need to run 5 km above during the training. While if I'm participate in 10km, the aim could be easily done. Wish me luck , guys.

3) Get my ideal body. As I'm now overweight, using running method I could lose some weight. My target is to get 60 kilogram. It a great amount for me that are short man. Just 155cm only.
I'm not target on the timing or result as my aim to run is keep my body health. Burn more calories and hopefully I get the result. Not the prize from run.

4) Want to write an ebook about 'How I Involve in Running'. But maybe not in English as my English is bad.

5) Buy new shoes. Okay , my shoe is cheap but it help me to run more than 100 kilometer this year. I love this cheap shoe but I know to improve I need another shoe. I don't have a budget for the shoe but I think if this blog could bring some money, I'll buy it. If you want to help me, just click the ads you see on this blog once. If possible, you can visit this blog again and again. You also can read my old entry on 'How to Choose Running Shoe '

My Dream Shoe. If you want to buy, click at the picture or this link

That's some of my resolution in running. Hopefully, I could achieve what I've set.

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