Participate in Melaka River International Marathon 2015

Today, I've just participate in Melaka River International Marathon 2015. It's my 3rd event this year after JCI Malacca Eco charity Run 2015 and Colour Me Run. This event started at A Famosa Fort Melaka.

There's many category including 42km, 21 km , 10km and 5 km. As I'm still new in running, I've participate in 5 kilometer only. I've arrive at the place around 6.45 am. I've parked at Maybank Melaka Raya as it is still empty park there. The location is still not full yet but I've found some of the participant running. There's people that participate in category 21km that is running. They're professional.
I've expected some water and bread but the organizer not provide it. Okay, maybe the International event not provided that.
The 5 km event started at 7:50. I've keep on running and bring the pouch bag. Honestly, it distrupt my running pace as the pouch is not tigh at my stomach. It also feel heavy. Maybe I need to buy Garmin ForeRunner 220 but my budget is tight. Maybe you can buy the RunnerWatch for yourself and I get some commision to collect.
It is very hard running and it's different than Eco Run running. I though my leg feel numb after 2 kilometer and very hard to pull my leg. It is very hard after I've stopped and walking. Even so, I've still finish the race. My result is :-

Distance : 6.53 kilometer ; Duration : 56:4 minutes Average Pace : 8:40 min/km.

The result is just OK. It is my longest distance ever and I think there's more to improve. Other than buy a Garmin, I need to train hard before running event. This is my last event for this year but it doesn't mean I need to relax. Training is still needed and from now, I'll plan to run for 5 event next year. Hopefully I can get the event and improve much more.

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