Running Tips from my friends for beginner

Today, I've learned about some tips while on running. It is important as I need to enhance my stamina before this Sunday event. This is why I've learned from one of my friends that always running as he is firefighter officer. He has been running for 10 kilometer and he 's not athlete. So, I ask him about the tips. This is some tips :-

1) Do not follow other's runner pace. It is important as you need to set your pace. Don't overrun and continue with your speed.
2) Setting your pace untill finish. My distance is 5kilometer and I need to consistently running with the same pace untill finish.
3) Don't rushing. Open step comfortably and don't move too much.
4) Breathe through your nose. If possible, keep your breath within step.
That's 4 tips from my firefighter friend. I've also get advice from one of Ultra runner; try to deep breath as lungs need more oxygen while running. Hopefully that's tips could bring more stamina to my health. So, let's running for health.

A question from me :
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