60-year-old Imam runs over 400km from Shah Alam to Alor Star, in 10 days

I just think this news could be share for inspiration especially for newrunner like me. If this 'pakcik' could run 500km, why we can't finish 5 kilometer? 

ALOR STAR: It took just ten days for sixty-year-old imam, Nasir Abas, to run solo from the Shah Alam Stadium in Shah Alam, Selangor to the Darul Aman Stadium here. He reached the stadium at about 5.40pm today. Nasir, who is an Imam of a surau in Kuala Kedah, had initially made a vow to run the distance if the Kedah football team won the Malaysia Cup Final on December 12. However, as fate would have it, Kedah lost to Selangor. Nevertheless, Nasir decided to continue with his plan due to the overwhelming support received from his friends and Kedah football team supporters. 

"Praise to Allah, I managed to finish the run within ten days as planned. "The weather condition on the first few days of the run in Selangor and Perak was very challenging for me, and I had to stop several times and re-adjust my schedule. "According to our initial plan, I was supposed to run from 8am to 7pm daily, but there are days when I had to run until 9pm due to the extreme weather during the day," said Nasir, who began the run on December 13. His arrival at the Darul Aman Stadium here was welcomed by a few hundred people. According to Nasir, he initially intended to make the run only if Kedah won the Malaysia Cup Final. 

"It was a spontaneous decision that I made before the match took place. "However, many of the Kedah football supporters wanted me to continue with the run despite Kedah losing in the match," he said. Nasir whose name is recorded in the Malaysia Book of Records for running a distance of 1,754km from Kelantan to Perlis in 30 days (2002) and 2,068km from Tawau, Sabah to Kuching, Sarawak in 53 days (2003), is also planning a new record, running from Alor Setar to Putrajaya in conjunction with the Independent Day next year. State Youth and Sports, Arts and Culture and Human Development Committee chairman Aminuddin Omar, who was also present at the event said the Kedah Football Association (KFA) appreciated the effort made by Nasir, which he said, would motivate the Kedah team players. "We truly appreciate the effort and support given by football fans like Nasir. He added that KFA will hold a thanksgiving ceremony (majlis kesyukuran) at Nasir's house soon as a show of appreciation for his effort.

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