Saturday Run : 26 December 2015 and Walking Record

Last week, I've 2 main activity. One is walking for 'Maulidul Rasul Parade' and others is light running at my residental area.
First, I'll write about Thursday walk. I've walking 3.83 kilometer from 'Hang Tuah Stadium' to 'Al-Azim Mosque'. As it is a parade the duration also long. It took 1 hour which is my personal record of longest duration. It is such a fun parade and I don't think it exhausted us. After that is more terrible as I've eat 'bihun goreng','karipap' and drink 'sirap bandung' which bring back calories to my body. It is such a joy but as I'm feel tired when my wife want to go Mamaku Shopping Mall. Okay, it is much more tired than walking for an hour. 
Illustration picture only. There's no me on the picture

On the evening, I just do some light running for 0.48 kilometer only. I can't run more as my leg feel numb. On the Friday, I just go to gym to get more relaxed exercise. Unfortunately, the gym don't have any treadmill for me to run.
On the Saturday, I've pull my leg and just running on my residential area. For this running, I've completed 4.30kilometer in 41:08 minutes. Not good time but the pace is good as I''ve run consistently. Only 2 time walking which is great. I've also found method that suitable for me. Count 1-10 step while running. Maybe it help me to pull the nerve and pain in my body. Okay, that's for this week. Next entry, I'll write about my 2016 resolution on running. Just wait.

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