Saturday Running : 9.73 kilometer

Hello. It is such a nice weather and good day for running. Unfortunately, I need to rest as my left leg feel pain after I've break my own record. The record has been made on 2nd January 2015 after I've run 9.73 kilometer in 1 hour 28 minutes and my average pace is 9:07 min/km. It is not fast than other runner. It is my longest distance and my longesti running timing. I know there's many people can run 10 kilometer below 1 hour and maybe some of you will laugh at me with my time. But the important part is my achievement. 

I'm not an athlete, never play any sport for my school or university. Only play for fun in hockey but never play full time.
It is hard but the result make me happy. It means that I could reach this 10 kilometer in near of the future. I know my running need to improve as there's more than 5 times walking on this run but as I've mention above, I'm not an athlete so it is still good result for me.
After running, I was swimming and back to home. OO.. I'm not tell you, I've running at the beach and turn to road. I've also across the 'Kuala Linggi bridge' and take some photo. I think the challenge is not the route but how to motivate myself. Running alone without partner isn't easy and running in the road also not comfortable. I need to pay attention whether there's a car/motorcycle behind/in front of me. I need to beware the vehicle movement. I need also to ensure there's no hole on my route. Otherwise I will injured myself. And the last but not least is beware of dog or snake. It is dangerous running on the place.. 

Oo yeah, I need to beware of monkey too. Eventhough it look like tame but it could become wild too.
That's my first running on 2016. It means I need to run 993 kilometer to reach my target to run 1,000 kilometer in 2016. Still far but possible.

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