Running after a month break

Okay, Happy Eidulfitri for those Muslim. I'm also celebrated Hari Raya and for your information I've take a break from running more than a month. 
The best part is I've lose my weight and it turns to 61-62 kg. It is still not reached ideal BMI(my ideal BMI is 58-59 kg) but it is still not far away.

To start again ain't easy and my plan is to running this week. Unfortunately, this morning (8 July 2016) there's a rain so I can't run outside. So, I just put a light workout inside my house.
Still not enough as running outside is different from workout. I need to start early as to get rhtyhm. Hopefully with my latest weight I could run faster than before. My target is to run 7.30 km/minutes in training so I could achieve better while on the event.

The festive is not healthy as I've eating many food and drink unhealthy water. Hopefully tomorrow I could gain motivation and start running.
Okay, for those like me who is stop running in Ramadhan, let's start again.

Okay, I've not registered any running event yet but I'm planning to run that will be held on 14 August 2016. Do you want to participate in this event? Click here for more information

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