Running 13 July 2016

Today, I just train running at my favorite place, Taman Botanikal Melaka. It is a place that really easy for me as it is near my office. After work I just go to the place and do some running.

I'm alone as I want to get pace. Unfortunately, my time is bad. I dunno what happen. Either I'm slow as break for almost 2 months or maybe Runkeeper has some problem. My distance is 5.13 kilometer and time is 50:08 minutes. It is slow as my average pace is 9:46 min/kilometer.

I've check the split result and surprised as my first kilometer average pace is 14:01 which is my slowest pace ever. I can't remember if I run the runkeeper before running or maybe Runkeeper has problem especially the GPS is not really accurate. 

Maybe the result is not good but I know that I need to train harder as I've lose pace. Hopefully I could do some running on Friday or Saturday. Based on my performance, I think I won't participate any event on August. Maybe I'll try October till Disember.

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