5 Tips to Help Avoid RUnner's Knee

Do you feel pain on your knees while running? I've got the same problem too. I've searching and found this prevention tips :- 

1. Use Arch Supports, Orthotics, and Good Shoes 

Because runner’s knee is really a general term for many different problems that can occur in the knee, it can have many causes and you might not know which one brought it on. However, if you have problems with your feet, like overpronation (flat feet), hypermobile feet (foot joints that move more than normal), or fallen arches, then there’s a good chance that your feet are creating excessive stress on the joints and tissues of your knees while the foot arches collapse as you step. Using arch supports or orthotics and making sure you buy good, supportive shoes can help you prevent knee pain.

 2. Avoid Running on Hard Surfaces 

Hard surfaces like concrete can wreak havoc on your knees. Though as a runner it can be impossible to completely avoid these types of surfaces, try to run on softer ground as much as you can. This will lessen the impact that the hard steps have on your knees. 

3. Make Workout Changes Slowly 

You’ve signed up for an event and now you’re training to improve your endurance and performance. You want to improve as much as possible. However, going too hard, too fast, can aggravate the knees that aren’t used to being worked so hard. When you make changes or increase distances in your running training, make sure to do so slowly so you don’t damage your knees. 

4. Correct Muscles Imbalances 

Weak muscles and muscle imbalances in your thighs, hips, quads, hamstrings, lower back, and abdominal can cause runner’s knee. Working to strengthen and stabilize these muscles through gait retraining can help you avoid knee pain. Don’t neglect to stretch and make sure strength training is a regular part of your workout routine. Not only will you prevent runner’s knee and many other potential injuries with proper exercise, but you’ll also improve your performance while you’re at it. 

 Source :- WeekendTriathelete

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