Running 18 July 2016

I just completed another training running at Taman Botanikal Ayer Keroh. I'm accompanied by one of my #TeamPuncheat friend. First kilometers, I've tried to do some pace and he could chase me. He is tall man which is 1.8 meter height. But he hasn't run almost a year so maybe he need some training to back in shape.

My distance is 4.98 kilometer which is a short 0.02 kilometer from my target to finish 5 kilometer. It is okay as long I could run. The duration of this training is 39:27 minute and the average pace is 7:56 min/kilometers.

This is a good result but need to train hard as my target is getting below 8 min/km consistently. From this run, it show that my pace slow drastically in 3-4 kilometer as it reached 8:27 min/km. Maybe it happen as I'm running alone after my friend can't catch with my pace. I'm stop walking about 20-30 seconds and it is improvement from my first running after Ramadhan. Maybe some of Rendang still not burned.

Okay, that's some summary of my running result. Let's running and Keep Fit. For those in Batu Pahat, go and join Fit Malaysia Run  at . I want to participate but not ready yet especially to run outside Melaka.

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