First Running after Ramadhan

Today, I just start my running training. Not a hard running, just a short distance. The distance is 3.27 kilometer and my time is 28:02 minutes. Not a good time as the average pace is 8:35 min/kilometer.
Maybe because the long break make me slow eventhough my weight lighter than before. I need 4-5 more running to keep back on shape and to improve my personal best time. I hope I could run below 8min/kilometer in training on this month. I’ve plan to run on Wednesday, Friday (after work) , Saturday and Sunday. Maybe Sunday I need to run more than 5 kilometer.
I think my last run is Malacca Possible Run  that being held on May 2016. Almost 2 months without proper running.
Wearing Mizuno T-shirt from Melaka Possible Run 2016

There’s an event on August organized by MYDIMA but I think I need to skip the event. My friend also encouraged me to join Fit Malaysia Johor on the end of this month but it is too early for me to back. I need to keep fit, gain stamina and hopefully cure my cough. This is hard as I’m always have problem with cough. The cough is annoying and it could effect my performance. I dunno if this is some disease but I hope not. Pray to ALLAH the cough could go away and it not effect my organ health.

Okay, my weight also in good condition. Eventhough there's 2 kilogram increase on Hari Raya but I'm confident I could loss it on this week with some minimum workout and running.

I’m also need to do some light exercise to give my body stay healthy. Okay that’s all for today. Wish me luck.

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