Participate in PMM ColorRun 2016

I just finished my 1st event in 2016. The event is 7kilometer distance. The event called PMM ColorRun 2016.
The event hosted by Politeknik Merlimau and being held on 27 February 2016. I've arrived on the location around 7.00 am. I've parked at the between of the road. Before going, I've felt uncomfortable on my left leg but I don't think it is hurt much more.
On 7.15 am, there's some aerobic session held on PMM Mall. Hahaha. I don't like aerobic as my body is like steel. I can't dance but still follow the instructor eventhough it is funny.
I've bring my handphone and cheap watch to set timing. Unluckily, before start I need to pee and it make me rush. So, I've started at the behind of the participate.It is not a good to start behind as I've rush to cut other runners.
I've finish the running (6.77 kilometer -based on my runkeeper) on 49:41 minute. The average pace is 7:20 min/kilometer. It is my best personal running pace. When I look at the pace it show that I've run below 8min/km. It is such a huge achievement for me as I've hardly to reach 8min/km on training.
From this event, I've learned many things such as :-

1) Willing power. It ain't easy to running consistently. I think, I've run without walking on first 4 kilometer with maximum speed. Hard but that's willing power that I need to enhance. Motivation needed when we want to run. We need to set target too.

2) It is important to start at the front or at least on the middle of the group. Running behind make it hard to follow other's pace. I know that I won't winning any event but it could give boost if I could finish within the winner.

3) Need to train more. Eventhough I've satisfy with my time, but I need to train to get consistently. My next event is 12 kilometer and it is much harder than this event. Hopefully I could run this pace at the longer distance. I need to improve this.

4) Need proper shoe and need to think of Fitbit. I know that my shoe is not really help me to run faster. It is cheap shoe but that the only shoe I can afford now. If I could earn more from this blog, maybe I could buy new shoe. I'm also think bring bag pouch could slower my pace. Need to think whether to use pouch arm.

5) Sunglasses give me problem when the sweat come to my eyes. I've stopped and walking about 6 times. And 2 times because of the tears coming to my eyes. I dunno if there's any equipment to help it.

6) Most of runner still not have mentality about environment. After get the mineral water, they just throw beside road. I think the organizer need to put some plastic bag and instruction for them. It is not just about game, it also about education.

Okay, that's some of my experinece participate in PMM Color Run 2016. Hopefully, I could participate on PMM Color Run 2017 next year.

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