12K not ready yet

Okay, last Saturday I just tried running about 13 kilometer. It is my longest distance ever. I've tried this distance as I need to prepare before 12 kilometer event on April 2016. There's still 2 months but I need to train hard before the event start. And at the end of February I will participate in Colour Run which is 7 kilometer. I think I could compete for 7 kilometer but for 12 kilometer I'm not ready yet. Why ? This is my reason

1) On my Saturday running, I got problem on the hill situation. It feeling hard for me to reach the target. There's 6 times I've walk slowly for at least 10 seconds. It is not good for tournament. I need to learn how to control my pace.

2) My time is still far from my target. I'm target to get average pace below 9 minute per kilometer. Why ? Because I'm target that I could run 12 kilometer in below 100 minutes. It is not too fast as many beginner could reach 60 minutes for 10 kilometer. I can't run as fast like that but I need to improve my pace. I don't want to become last runner to finish the line. Hopefully I could become at the middle.

3) I'm still not comfortable with my Ponex shoes. Yes, this is cheap shoe. I don't have budget to buy ASIC, ADIDAS, PUMA , NIKE or any branded shoe that have Gel on it. Hopefully I got some income from this blog or any sponsor read this blog.
Okay, I think I need to back on training. Last week, there's only 2 times training which means I need to train more and more.

Just add info. Do you know how much your distance ? Just visit MapOmeter for your reference. Any others tool?

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