10 kilometer, what I've learned

10 kilometer, what I've learned

Hello runners. I'm back after many days of holidays from writing this blog. Yeah, I'm skip writing this blog but not skip running.As 9 February 2016, I've completed 2 time 10 kilometer running and total running for this year is 70.6 kilometer. It is still far from my total distance target, 1000 kilometer for this year. Look hard but it is not impossible. Maybe in the beginning there's hard for me to schedule my running time and I can't run more but I think I could run more in the middle of year. On February also, I will compete the PMM Colour Run 2016 on 27 February 2016. 

The event distance is 7 kilometer which is reasonable for me. My target for this event is to finish the run below 60 minute. In training I could finish it but as I look the route and my last running time I think I could do it. It is also my challenge to do better pace in event. I don't think it is unachieveable eventhough my training pace is above 9min/km. It is different running in event and running alone. While running alone, you need to push yourself but in event you have motivational running alongside many people. You could push yourself harder and the tiring could blew away.

Other than that, I've registered another run event 'Melaka Heritage City - Half Marathon Run 2016' and I've participate in 12 kilometer event. It will be my toughest event this year. Hopefully there's no 'courses' or event being held by my office at that time.

 For this event I've target below 100 minutes which mean I need to finish around 1 hour 40 minutes. I believe I could reach it as the event will be held on April 2016. Honestly,the time is still slower as most runner even the beginner could run below one hour for 10 kilometer. But I know my limit and that's the realistic target.
Back to the topic above. I've finish 2 times 10 kilometer running distance. It is still far from convincing but there's many things I've learned from the run such as :-

1) I've learned how to breathe properly while running. Before this, I couldn't control my breath. It is hard even for 3 kilometer before but now I could run without thinking about breathing. It is like a normal activity for me.

2) My problem is left ankle and right leg. I'm feel pain on this part. Before this left ankle become hard and the 2nd running the pain transfer to right leg. But I could handle it and can run properly without too much pain.

3) Running on the hill surface is big problem but I could handle it. Before this, the inline has become my problem. Still a problem but I could finish running on the elevation road without stopping. My trick is not push too hard and running slowly. Never walk or your rhythm will broken.

4) Get individual motivational. Running alone in 10 kilometer is hard for non-athlete like me. Nobody beside me and I only could whispered to myself to push hard and finish it. It could also become inspirational to my life. I'm not a challenger man and don't take big risk in life. Hopefully I could learn from this run as I need to improve my life. Keep on motivational and work harder like my running scheme.

5) Burn more calories. In 10 kilometer, I will burn at least 550 calories. It means more fat will be gone and I could lose more weight. As my BMI is overweight, I need to do more workout. By doing 10 kilometer is easiest way.

6) Learn about running rhythm. Do you know that all of us have unique running rhythm? If you don't believe, just running and hear properly. You will hear the sound of your running. If you could hear it, I think you could runnning peacefully. Just keep the sound in your ear and don't mind about your problem. It could throw the stress too.

7) Need to beware. Running on the road is quite dangerous. I've run on the morning which is not too many vehicles in the road. But there's another problem as there's a stray dog. My trick is , don't run if you meet dog. Just stop and walking. If possible bring some branches for something happen. I'm not recommend for those runner to run at the main road alone. It is dangerous for your life.

8) Running without water. Yes, I'm not bring any water in my pocket. That's a running without any drink. I can't bring water because it will make my pouch bag heavy. Honestly, I don't like to bring the pouch either but it is a must as I've using handphone to track my running time,distance, pace. Wish that somebody will sponsor Garmin ForeRunner or Fitbit to track my achievement. Anybody want to help me? Buy yourself the device at my link and maybe I could buy it one day. 
Garmin Band

9) Running is not a popular hobby in my residental area. I've never found any people running in my route. It show that running is not popular there. Maybe in the big town, there's many people do jog as there's a park for them. I think bicycle is more popular than running in this area.Hopefully the running will become popular sports in my area as it is healthy and cheaper. Maybe local council could promote this sport. 

10) Running has target. 10 kilometer is my short term target. Some of my friends not doing running as they think it don't have any target unlike sports like futsal. For me, it is all about yourself. You can set the target by yourself. With the technology such as smartphone app and smartwatch, it is easier to set target. So, don't take excuse that running is don't have target. 

Oo yeah. One of my friends make funny as he said that 'jogging is for women'. For me, jogging is universal. Yes, it is for women. But also for men too.. Even kids also can do jog to.. It is up to you to define it. That's all for today. Maybe it is the longest entry in this blog. Hopefully I will write more and more after this.

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