Running 11 kilometer at SPA Highway

Last Saturday, I've tried to run on the 12 kilometer route for 'Melaka Heritage City Run - Half Marathon 2016' organized by T&T Events. Unfortunately, I couldn't run on the same route. My plan to run at the route change because weather and it just change in my mind.

Around 7.30 am, I just started my running. At first, I just run on the Taman Botanikal Ayer Keroh Melaka but after 1 kilometer I've decided to run on the road which is along SPA highway. It is hard as I've climb some uphill on the first 1 kilometer but it is a challenge for me. I've tried run at the fast pace but couldn't consistent. Arrived at the Taman Tasik Utama, I've started walking. It means, my time will increase and I know that. Eventhough I want to achieve below 8min/km but I must think about my health too. It is not good to push hard in this training and first time running on this road. Maybe I couldn't do it on my first attempt but I think I could achieve it on next 5 attempts. Why I want to get that target? For your info, to get finisher medal, I need to finish running before 3 hours which is achieveable but I need to increase my speed for my personal achievement.

I can run slowly and walk but that could boost my motivation. Without hard motivation, I couldn't burn more calories which is my aim. And my time 8min/km is not a good time. One of my friends is beginner and he could reach 60 minutes in 10 kilometer which means 6min/km. I'm realistic and I don't think I could reach that time soon but my aim now is below 8min/km. It could help me to finish the event below 90 minutes or 1 hour 30 minute if I could run in average pace below 8min/km.

Okay, my result for this training is 11.12 kilometer distance in 1 hour 34 minutes 41 second and my average pace is 8.31 min/km. As I've mention above, it is a first attempt and I hope I could do it for 2-3 times before the event on 24th April 2016. Pray for me.
Oo, I think my Pronex shoe is make my leg hard. I need lighter shoe such as 'ASICS Men's GEL Venture 5 Running Shoe'. It is a good shoe but I'm still don't have enough budget to buy it. If you want to run properly, try the ASICS Men's GEL Venture 5 Running Shoe now. Wish that I could get sponsor from somebody.

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