Walking and push motorcycle

It is hard night as my motorcycle broken down. After I've completed 'tarawih' at mosque near my house, I've start my motorcycle engine. Unfortunately, my motorcycle accelerator pedal not working.It is a bad day for me and I need to push the motorcycle about 0.4 km. Okay, it is not a long distance but after tired completed tarawih and need to push the motorcycle is hard job. I don't know but I think it take about 15 minutes for me to get home. It is also an exercise for me.
Illustration picture only, not my motorcycle. Mine is Kapchai loh..

On the next day, I've push it my motorcycle to workshop. It cost about RM45 including oil engine and front end tube. Okay, no running this week but push motorcycle also could burn at least 50 calories. Hopefully it is a Ramadhan exercise for me before I've ready to continue my running.

Before Ramadhan, I've been running at the factory nearest in the evening. It is not a good place and time to jog . The air is pollute and in the evening it is worst. I think I won't go there again to run. I've also found a new interesting place at Chinchin Lake Extreme Park. I've never been there yet but maybe after Hari Raya I will survey the place. It sound cool and maybe it is also a good for running.

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