Happy Ramadhan Month : Stop running for a while

I'm a Muslim and today is starting day of Ramadhan which I need to fasting. This is a good for our health as written in Yourhealthblog, one of my favorite health blog. The first day is hard to do work that could sweat my body especially in this hot season. But it doesn't mean that I just throwing my body at bed or watching television. It is bad habit and could effect my health.

Today is public holiday for my office and I need to do something. I've clean my fans and cooking for my wife (she has permission not fasting). I don't know how many calories is burn but maybe only small amount as I'm not sweat. I just look my amount at measure weight scale and the value is 68. It is still old scale and maybe not really accurate but I still believe it. If possible, I want to buy some digital weight scale like below

I'm target to loss weight until 65 kg for this Ramadhan as I won't eating too much. Hopefully during fasting I won't overeating. For those runner, keep up your work. Maybe I need a rest for a month and continue after a month with extensive running.

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