I'm not a professional runner and not an amateur too..
I'm just a beginner and want to get healthy body.
I'm not an athlete and my metabolism is not high.
My BMI is 29.3 which mean my body is overweight and it is not far to reach 'OBESITY'.

I don't have enough budget to go Gym or buying other's product to lose weight. I don't have skills to play football at field nearby.  I can't cycling my cheap bicycle at route that have high elevation.
I can't do aerobic as most of participant is women and I'm shy too join with them..

I don't have courage too change my life drastically. I can't diet without touching rice everyday. So, running or jogging is easiest way to sweat and lose some inch. The impact is not same as the others method but it could help me .
This is not me.. Just illustration only

I'm began running last March. Not consistently as there's others resistant. My spine has getting pain last April after I tried hard to running in high elevation and I've stop a while. Just this month I'm come back to run. My route is nearest my place. Before this I've tried running at road near my house but there's many thing that make me change the route. One problem is there's many strayed dog in our housing and sometimes I'm afraid to run. The route also sloping and the elevation is high. As a beginner, I need to take time and find my rhythm. So, I found a track at district stadium. There's other people running there too.

Running without any data is unmotivational. I'm using my phone to track my pace, distant. The apps I've been used is Runkeeper.  My average pace is around 8 -10 km/h and my average distance is around 2-2.5 km. I don't know whether is good or not but I'm still trying to improve especially in distance. I need to run 3km per above because I've target to participate in some of run events. As I've searching via internet most of the distance in running event is above 3km and mostly 5km. It means, I need to work hard to get the distance.

Not my data too.. It is too good for me.

In this blog, I'll share my achievement. As my running time is always on weekend, I'll update my running after that.

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