How to choose a running shoe

As a running eventhough you are beginner like me, running shoe is important. It is not just about size but how comfortable the shoe with your running style. I'm still looking which running shoe fit with my running style. There are 3 running shoe categories such as :-

1) Road running shoes
2) Trail-running shoes
3) Cross training shoes

For me, I'm preferred to us cross training shoe as I'm a beginner runner. My distance also not long and it is suitable with cross-training shoes. Maybe if I've could run more than 5km I'll change the shoe. Not just the categories, you need to know how your running mechanics. There's 3 main pattern such as

1) Pronation
 2) Overpronation
 3) Supination (Under-pronation)
I think my pattern is overpronation. That's many think to know before buying running shoe, you can get the detail by reading REI website. If you want to buy running shoe online, try at

Watch this video

Read this infographic on how to choose running shoe

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