Saturday Run , Jun 13 2015

Today I just finished my running. I'm running at the Mini Stadium Jasin track. There's only a few people in that location. I don't know whether I'm late or maybe there's no other's people running.
I came at 7.15 am, quite late than my plan to come before 7.00 am. It is because I'm wake up late and pray at 6.40 am. The track is about 4 km from my house so I need to ride by motorcycle first.
I'm getting ready to run

As I've mention above, there a few people at the place. There's a teenagers and a group of 'nyonya' do some taichi there. I'm quite respect that Chinese elder still strong to do exercise. It is quite different from malay 'makcik' that just do gossiping if in the group.

I'm and others aunty running at the track

Back to my running progress, today I just completed 6 round, same as last week. The route distance is 2.65 km and the duration is 21:25 minute. The average pace is 8:5 (source from data)
My Personal Record - Based on Runkeeper data

It is good as it is my best personal average pace but I still not satisfied with my distance. I'm still need to train and get stamina because I want to run over 3km. Why? Because most of running event eventhough for fun is more than 3 km distance. On this year, I'm target to participate at least one event in Melaka.
I don't care about winning as I know I won't win. The important part is to finish the event within my personal time. Hopefully after Hari Raya, I could participate in some amatuer running event.

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