6 Common Mistake by Running Organizer

I'm not professional runner but I've experienced some of running events. Last year, I've participated 3 running event that's for my beginner running life. Melaka Charity Eco Run, Melaka Colour Run 2015 and Melaka International River Marathon 2015 are the running event I've participated in 2015.
On 2016 (until 6th June 2016), I've participated on 5 running event. PMM Colour Run 2016, Fit Malaysia Melaka, Melaka Heritage City Half Marathon 2016, Ayer Molek Colour Run 2016 and Malacca Possible Run 2016.
I've experienced good and bad organizer. This is my list about common mistake by running organizer :

1) Safety. There's organizer that don't take serious about safety. I've participate in the event running through the highway which is many lorry, car and buses using it. To make funny, the marshall is not authorized people. They only put one or two teenagers university student to look at the junction. It is dangerous issue and get complain. Some of the organizer not contact with local authority. No police, RELA, ambulance on the way. Safety is the no 1 issue when to organize running event.

2) Water Station

I've experienced good and bad water station Check Point. For 10 kilometer, they must provided more than 2 water station checkpoint. If possible 3 water station is the best for 10 kilometer. Maybe 1 checkpoint provide isotonic water while others is enough with mineral water. I've experienced a water station checkpoint without any person on it.

3) Collect race kit. Most of organizer will plan for a week before event but there's some organizer that put the date same week on the event date. Maybe it could help runner to arrange their time to collect their race kit. There's some mistake by organizer as they are not clear about their race kit collection location.
4) Fee. Sometimes, the organizer not research about the fee. There's an expensive running fee without proper products for runner.
5) Running information. Not giving enough information to their runner. Routes, checkpoint, bibs is the important information need to be given to runner..
6) Not planning enough. No warmup session and no prize ceremony.
That's 6 common mistake by running organizer. Maybe there's more but I can't recalled it now. If you have anything to share let's share with me. If you want to become organizer, just do a list before doing it.

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