10 Benefits of Running

Running have many advantage especially to our body. This entry, I'll share 12 benefits of running to keep our motivation increase.

1) Weight Loss
- It is main reason I've running. Based on the calculation the average runner burns 1,000 calories an hour but for me it can't reach the amount.
Based on Runkeeper calculation my last running which is 10.41km, it just burns 665 calories. It means that I need to improve my speed and try to reach 20 kilometer to burn 1,000 calories.

2) Strengthen bones
- Bones are stimulated to remain stronger and do not easily weaken with age. As I've run, I think my bones becomes stronger than before.

3) Stress Relief
- Running could increase your ability to cope with everyday minor imitations and stresses.

4) Happines
-  Endurance running could boost endorphins and get the runner's high-sens of elation during or after a run.

5) Immune system
- Running have a stronger immune system and suffer less from minor illnesses such as colds, allergies, fatigue, menstrual discomport, backache and digestive disorders.

6) Burn Fat
- Running could build lean muscle, change your body composition and metabolism. Lean muscle weighs heavier than fat but burns more calories even when you're resting.

7) Easy sleep
- Running could make us easier to get to sleep at night and sleep longer.

8) Healthy heart
- Running improve circulation, reduce the risk of a herat attack, high blood pressure and stroke.

9) Mental Health
- It lift your mood, build self-esteem and increase your self-confidence

10) Clearer skin
- Running stimulates cilculation, improves the transporation of nutrients and flushes out waste products.

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