RUn 10Km FitMalaysia Melaka

Today, I've just participated in my longest game so far. It is 10 kilometer in Fit Melaka at Taman Rekreasi Beringin, Masjid Tanah, Melaka. It is my first experience to take participation in 10km. Before this, the longest route is 7kilometer in PMM Color Run 2016. I've run more than 10 kilometer in training but in event it is different. I've learned many things in this run such as :-
1) My starting is too fast. I've followed other's runner pace which is make my starting 2 kilometer very hard. Honestly, I want to walk after 2 kilometer but I just push myself. I need to take control of my own pace in starting . As I've run fast, many people including women past around me. Not too many women. Maybe about 15 women only.

2) Using pouch arm to put my handphone is not a good idea. Runkeeper app has been stop and I don't know how fast I'm run. My predict is around 85 minutes as I've arrived before 9.00 am (the running start at 7.30 am). Maybe I need smartwatch or at least fitbit. Anybody want to sponsor me?

3) I'm still losing on uphill. In this route, there's many uphill route and I've lose most of them and just walking. It is hard for me to push on that surface and I need to train more.
4) It ain't easy to pass others runner that walking in the group. I've that problem especially at the finish line.
That's some of experience. I think it is good to know some of my mistake before Melaka Heritage City Half Marathon the next 2 week. I've participate in 12 kilometer and it will be more tougher. Hopefully, I could learn from this run and improve it on my run.

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