What I learned from watching Boston Marathon 2016 at tv

Last day, I just watch one of successful Marathon in the World, Boston Marathon. It is my first time watching Marathon as I've never though before that I will watch this event. Eventhough I'm not watch full running but there's many thing I've learned after watching the Boston Marathon on tv such as :-
Winner and runner up Boston Marathon 2016

1) Boston Marathon is the world's oldest annual marathon. I won't write about the history of Boston Marathon as you can google or buy the book here. The history of this Marathon is very long time ago and has become popular around the world.
2) I've never know about Marathon live on tv. This is my first time and it look exciting as I'm also try to be runner.
3) The average pace of professional and world class runner is around 3.10 min/km. It is fast pace and I'm too slow as my best pace is 7.13 min/km.
4) The Boston Marathon route is around 42 kilometer and the winner time 2:12:45 (Hayle - men) while women winner 2:29:19 (Baysa -women).
5) The winner is come from African people. This year, the duo Ethiopian runners sweep the winner medal. Top 10 also dominated by runners from the African country.
6 ) Most of professional runner has thin arm and not moscular.
7) Starting on consistent and not fast on the starting. For men event, it show a Japanese leading and start in fast pace but being caught by the group. The Japanese don't get into top 10 on the finish line. It show how the consistent the winner group.
8) The Boston Marathon get thousand people. For the fun run, it's more than 10K people participate. I think I won't run this event even I could as it is very crowded.
This is one of the famous marathon ever and many marathoner dream to run on this event .

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