Running in Melaka Heritage City Half Marathon 2016

I just participate in Melaka Heritage City Half Marathon 2016. But I'm not run half marathon, just 12 kilometer only. Even though it is 12 kilometer but it is still hard for me as I'm still 'puncheat' la. 

The game start at 6.30 am and I've finish the game around 8.0+ am. I dunno the exactly time but based on my Runkeeper app, I've finished the 12.45 kilometer in 1:36:57 which is my average pace 7:47 minutes/kilometer. It is not my best record but still good as I'm running from the last block and the participant is very crowded. I dunno why the organizer flag off the 12 kilometer category at the same time. It is hard for me to overtake some of the slow runner. I've complained about this event on facebook so I don't want to complain at this blog too. In this running, I think I need to :-

1) Training more. I think I could run consistently in 5 kilometer. The others 7 kilometer, I keep walking and running. Based on the runkeeper time, the 6 kilometer is the worst as the pace is 8:43 min/km. Yup, the elevation at the 6kilometer is very hard and I think no running at that route.

2) Need to get a good shape before running. I think my body gain around 3 kilogram while running. I think for next event, I must get below 64 kilogram.

3) Elevation is my worst nightmare. I need to know how to handle it.
4) I need a new shoe. The Pronex shoe is okay but to run faster I need a quality shoe. Any body want to sponsor me Salomon Runninng SHoe?
5) I'm still far to reach 21 kilometer. Yup, 12 kilometer is still hard for me.

I know that I'm amateur and won't get near professional. All I want to do is improve my personal record and gain more mileage. My next event is on May 2016 but still dunno if the event will be held or not.

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