Five ways to make running more fun

Running and fun? Is it really could happen? Yes, absolutely. I've my opinion but in this article I want to share the top 5 ways to make running written by Annie Ross from Evening Standard. Okay, I've edited some point as my main readers is not from London meanwhile at some point it describe the London.

1. Make arrangements with other people

 It’s easy to flake on yourself - not go running at all, cut the route short or run below your target pace. Apply some social pressure and everything changes. Arranging a run with other people will make you less likely to bail and will motivate you to run faster and/or further. In the end, getting out will not be about running but about spending time with people.

2. Pick a different time of the day to go for a run 

 You have run your regular route 100 times. The same trees, the same buildings, the same roads – it all makes for boredom. No need for a change of location, mix things up by changing the time you go for a run. Evenings and nights are great to run. But choose the suitable location. Crowded places is not fun. And always give the safety a priority.

3. Music makes the world go around.

Music can have such positive effects on running performance it has been likened to doping! Nowaday, it is easy to hear music. You can use your smartphone and put your 'DR Dre Headphone' on your ears. Use music to power your runs. Try to change your playlist frequently, keeping it upbeat and fun. From time to time, change your genre entirely – running to jazz or classical music can give you an incredible boost. Carrying a portable speaker when running in a group can help unite the group and spread some fun to passersby.

4. Don’t limit yourself to only running 

 Introduce mid-run exercise routines. Planking, squats, triceps dips, burpees or press-ups are mobile body weight exercises. Once you’re warmed up, stop running and plank for two minutes. You will give your knees some rest, and strengthen your core body muscles, hugely important for runners. It’s a win-win!

5. Celebrate after your run

 No need to rush home after your run – the shower can wait – instead take time to celebrate. Make the most of the post-run endorphins and spend time with your fellow runners; go out for a meal, a drink or even a party! 

Yup, I'm really agree with this 5 point. To make running as fun activity, we need to take it as fun activity. Not push hard to your limit. For me, I'm running for my health and my objective is not about 'PACE' but more on MILEAGE.

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