Coming back after a month rest

Last Sunday, I'm started new chapter of running. It is first run after getting rest for Ramadhan and to make my ankle healthy. In this week, I just jogging around my housing place. It is a long time since last time I've running at this route as I'm scared of dog and running at the track.
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My jogging time started at 7.00 am and it took around 29:24 minutes which took 3.09 kilometers. The pace for this distance is 9:32 min/km (based on Runkeeper statistic). It is not a good time and I've been walking about 5 times but it is still good as a starter. This time, I've started slowly at aroudn 10:20 min/km and begin faster after 1 km. My heart began fast and I just keep my pace. Still need much work to do as I've target to participate in amateur running event. I'm aim to run an hour which is more than 6 km distance.

Before running, I've went to Air Panas hotspring. I've try to swim but still not good. I can't breathe in the water for 5 second which means my stamina is still not good. Hot Spring is good for health and I love to visit it at least a month to rejuvenate my body. Other than running, swimming is also a good activity for our health. But as it is not free I can't do it regularly. I need to do some exercise before going to work to enhance my stamina.
How about your workout this week? Hopefully it is great too..

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