Saturday Run : 22 August 2015

I've about a month if I'm really want to participate in Charity Eco Run 2015 that will be held at Hutan Rekreasi, Ayer Keroh.
To prepare money is not hard as the fee is only RM30 but physical and mental is hard as I've not try any prestigue event before. To make it hard, I'm not a sportman and never complete 5km running. It look hard but I need to challenge, otherwise my running will be static and no improvement.

Today, I just running around my residential areas. I was start my activity running at 6.40 am lonely. No other person jogging, only some aunty walking to do exercise. To look my achievement, runkeeper is the app that help me.
The result for today running is
- Distance : 3.18 km
- Duration : 30 :35 minutes
- Average Pace : 9:36 min/km
- Calories Burned : 209

The result is average, not really good but not poor. The mistake I've made is starting in full pace. The pace drop drastically on 2-3 km. And my weight also not good. I just put my body on measurement machine and it show 69kg which is below of my target( I've target 65kg at the end of month).
Is it because of my meal? Dunno but it is just another day. Tomorrow I will run again and hopefully I could get more distance and reached target 5km above before the event.

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