Aim for 1st run : Charity Eco Run 2015

Running without target is not good. I'm beginner but I've aim to participate in some running competition. Won't dream to win any event but want to push myself.
I just found some interesting event near Melaka from facebook. The event will be held on 4th October 2015 at Hutan Rekreasi, Ayer Keroh, Melaka. It is not an easy place to run but I hope I could do it as the event is still long. It is about 1 1/2 month and I could prepare my physical and mental.

The event called ' JCI Malacca City Entrepreneur Charity Eco Run 2015' organized by JCI Malacca City Entreprenuer. The running competition open from competitive athletes to rookie runners, from seniors, adults & teenagers.
There's 4 categories including 'Men Open' ,'Women Open','Fun Run' and 'Senior Citizen Run'. I think I will try the 'Fun Run' Category. The distance is 5km and starting time on 8:30 AM. The registration fees is RM30 / person and all participants will receive : event t-shirt, medal, certificate, goodies, drinks and more gifts.
Look at the brochure below for more inforamation about the event.

It is tough running place as I've run at the location before. Some of the route is high and challenging. The most challenging is distance as I've never reached 5 km before. I think I will test running at the place for 5 km this Sunday and next. It is important for me to look whether I can do it or not before registered.
How about you? Any of you have experience to start first running in event?

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