Runnning , Cycling , Swimming : Why I'm choose running

Running, cycling and swimming is most popular leisure activity. In my country, it become a business as there's many event of running,cycling and swimming. This sports also easy and anybody without athlete body could participate. This healthy sports also could become routine activity for us. As you know, I'm choose running eventhough I could cycling and do some swim. But I choose running as my main sports activity because :-

 1) It is easy. I could running in specific place and do the activity after work. It is hard for me to cycling after work or go to pool for swimming activity. 

 2) Cheaper. I think running is the cheapest activity. Just get a sportwear such as t-shirt, tracksuit and running shoe. If possible, I could bring pouch bag to put my key and phone. For cycling activity I need to have a bicycle that cost more than RM1,000. I could buy bicycle that cost around RM500 but the bicycle is not suitable for uphill activity. It also need a safeguard ,helmet and other safety clothes that cost more. Maybe swimming look cheaper as it only need google and pants but it ain't easy to book for swimming pool. Some of them cost more than RM10 per hour.

 3) Running is easy. I don't need too much skill. You will need experience to run faster than before and breath as your pace. It is different from swimming which need much skill such as breath, swing your arm and other. Cycling don't need too much skill but you must have the quality to pull the pedal. 

 4) Running is light. You can walk if you can't while swimming ain't easy to relax and cyclist also can't relax easily.. Okay, that's some reason why I choose running other than cycling or swimming. How about you?

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