Running Colour Run Ayer Molek version 2

Hello my fellow friends.
How about your running day? I'm not in good shape as in December I just run around 20 kilometer only. My aim for this year to run 1,000 kilometer also can't achieve as now the mileage is only 417 kilometer. It is only 41% complete from the total target. 
I'm really upset about this achievement but it is not a fail.
Maybe I can't reached the target but it is still good year for me. This is 2nd year I'm involved in some running event and I learnt many things. Maybe next year I need to improve many things especially consistency and discipline. It is important if I want to be a good runner or maybe can catch up with some elite veteran runner.

Last Sunday I just participate in Colour Run 2 Ayer Molek, Melaka. It is a 7.55 kilometer running from JAPERUN Ayer Molek. The event has been organized by UMNO Ayer Molek. Okay, it is just about running and I don't think all of participant is BN people. The important thing is running and it doesn't matter your colour and your ideology. 

In this event I've clocked 57:44 minutes which is my average pace is 7:38 min/kilometer. Still good as I don't have proper training and my foot has pain. Maybe it is the last event for this year and I'll prepare for next year.

Hopefully I could participate in Skyhawk Melaka which is 21 kilometer. I want to challenge myself.
This running event, I think I've facing problem. Honestly, I couldn't run 80% of the route. It is look like I can't bear the pain on my legs at 3-4 kilometer. I started walking on that kilometer and my running began slow. Need to change and do more training.

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