85 year old clocked below 4 hours Marathon

I'm still not ready yet to run Marathon or half marathon but reading the news about 85 year old uncle give me inspiration.
Mr, Ed Whitlock of Milton, Ontario is 85 year old but still can run the marathon which is more than 42 kilometer. 

In the event at Toronto's Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon, he managed to set a world record for his age group as he finished the marathon in just 3 hours, 56 minutes and 33.2 seconds.
Eventhough, he broke the record he still not satisfied. His goal was to run around 3:50.

His story on running started while he still teenager but stop at the age of 21. He just start running again until he was 40.
Whitlock said the incentive to set records in his age group keeps him running.

Even his running shoes have reached those milestones along with him. In the Marathon, he said he wore a pair he's had for around 20 years.
He is marvelous as his pace is almost 5:35km/minutes in his age. Maybe if I'm running alongside him, I'll cry as I cant catch him.

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