Sunday Morning and Tuesday Evening Run : 15 & 17 November 2015

Okay, last week I've 2 session running. Unfortunately, I couldn't discuss about time because of technical problem.
On Sunday, Runkeeper application in my phone stop and my phone battery weak on Tuesday evening. The running route is different. While in Sunday, I was running on track field but on Tuesday I'm running on forest track.
It is a big different running on that time and place eventhough I don't bring record to show. Running on morning means, body is fresh. I've run 9 round at the track which is the average distance is 3 km while my running on forest track is shorter distance. Maybe about 1 1/2 kilometer.

Hopefully, this running could help me to reach target especially to lose my weight. Last week, my weight is 68.7kg and I hope I could lose 1 kg at the end of this week. 
Other than that, I hope I could buy Fitbit to track my running course. Anybody want to buy for me? Click picture below

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