Monday Evening Run : 9 November 2015

Okay, it is such a long day after my last running. After running without any timing record, I try to run at the some easy route and easy running. Not put much pressure especially it is evening running. Evening running is really different than morning running as it is a bit tired on evening than morning.
My running route

Last Monday, I just running 1.51 km in 15:30 minutes. The average pace is 10:15 minutes/km. It is not a good record but I just come back after a long resting.
Illustration only - Women running on evening

I hope my distance could be increase this week. I want to continue running on the evening after working but it is raining there. I want to run at the night but there's no one here running at that time. It is not a good idea if I'm running alone at night. The alternative is by going gym or buying a treadmill. Go to gym is good but I think it is not worthy if just want to run at gym. To buy treadmill is also hard as I don't have budget to buy that expensive equipment.If you want to buy treadmill, read my previous 'Am I need treadmill '.

My weight is 70 kg which is far away from my ideal height 55-60kg. I need to lose weight at least 5 kg this month. I've buy Omega Plus milk to help decrease cholesterol in my bodies. Hopefully it also could help me to lose some kg this week.

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