Registered 2 Fun Run Events

Okay, next week is December and this year I just compete one event. I just searched any fun run event at Melaka and found 2 interesting event.
The Fun Run which is only 5 kilometer. I know it is big decision as I've participate 2 event in a month which I've never do before. Hahahah.

It is hard but I think it is time for me to try. The event is :-

1) Color Me Run 2015

- This event held at UTeM Main Campus, Melaka on 12 December 2015. The 5km event will be started on 7:30 am (Saturday).
The individual registration is RM55.00 which is expensive than my first event (RM30) but it is okay.
It is a challenge for me as my target for next year is to compete more than 5 event and trying to improve the distance and pace.
I've target to run in 10 km one or 2 years later. Why? Because I could compete in veteran category next 3 years.
If you want to participate try this Color Me Run 2015 ( dunno, when they closed the registration)

2) 2nd International Melaka River Marathon of Melaka Historic City 2015

- This event held at Banda Hilir Melaka on 20th December 2015. This event more competitive but I'm just run for fun. The professional could win prize but I'm not at the category to win.
The longest distance category is 42 km which is started at 4.00 am.
If you want to participate in this event try this link

I wish I could participate on this event and could finish it properly. I need to start training right now and maybe went to Gym near my residence to keep fit.

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