Saturday and Sunday Run : 19 Sept ,26 Sept and 4 OCt , JCI Malacca Eco Charity Run 2015

Last month (September) and this month (October), our country getting haze. The pollution has become big issue as it effect our health too. But I've tried to run because there's an event in October that I've participate. The event called 'JCI MCE & Fetta Group Charity Eco Run 2015' held on 4 October 2015.

My training still going but I'm not push hard as haze still thick outside and the Air Pollution Index (API) is bad. At this article I've shared from 19 September because the last entry is about 5 and 6th September Run activities. On 19th September, I've run 3.86 kilometer in 37:43 minuter that my average pace is 9:46 min/km. I can't run more because I've feel bad breathing because of haze. It is hard because the event is near and I need to keep up my stamina.

On 26th September, the haze still not clear but I've think that I must finish at least 5 kilometer before the event. I'm finish 6.18 kilometer running at my residental area. My time is 59:12 and average pace is 9:35 min/km. It is good eventhough there's more walking than running. There's more to improve before the running event start.

The time has come, 4th October has come. I'm ready for the 'JCI MCE & Fetta Group Charity Eco Run'. My categories is Fun Run 5 kilometer. I came as early on 6:45 am and my categories started at 7:45 am. Before running, there's a warm up session which is guide by some sexy dancers. It is hard to follow as my body is not really good in dance but it is really warm my body before the session. My route is at "Hutan Rekreasi Ayer Keroh' and it is challenging. There's more elevation climb and I'm walking more than running. Eventhough it is hard but my time is good. For 5.14 kilometer I could finish in 47:54 minutes and the average pace is 9:19 min/km. It is one of my best personal time. I'm really surprised with the time. The best part is got finisher medal. I've never have any sport medal before and I think that's good achievement. Hopefully there's more to come.

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