Saturday and Sunday Run : 5 & 6 September 2015

Okay.. Two days and come back running. Need a good distance as there's not more than a month before my first running event. There's a problem on the event as I'm not received any registration confirmation yet. But one of the contact person probably said no worries as my application will be registered. It doesn't matter for me now as I will come to the event whether there's a registered or not. Saturday and Sunday is training day for me.

Okay, my weight is also not in good position. 69.2 kg is not my target. My aim is 65kg for this September but still far away from the amount yet. Back to my running, my aim is 5 km as my first event distance is 5km.

Yesterday, I've completed 1.93 kilometers in 17:24 minutes which my average pace is 9:00 minutes. It is short distance as my wife will go to office. So I need to shortcut the time. The running is not really good as my stamina is not good enough.

 For Sunday running, I'm target to run 5 kilometer. But I don't calculated enough the route. I just completed 4.60 kilometers in 43:32 minute which my average pace is 9:27 minutes. Eventhough it is not achieved target, I just know that I could completed 5 km on the next running. Maybe I couldn't running continously 5 kilometer but I could finish the distance not more than 1 hour. Absolutely good timing for starter and beginner like me.

 Other than that, I'm also using handphone arm pouch for first time. I'm buying it at Mr DIY at Jaya Jusco, Ayer Keroh. It only cost me RM9.90. Good to put my handphone as it is also become device to calculate my running using Okay, that's all for today. Hopefully, I could run after office hour to enhance my stamina.

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