Malacca Possible Run 2016

Today, I just participate in last event before Ramadhan. Yes, I will stop running in competitive event in Ramadhan and maybe continue after Syawal (Islamic calendar) on July onward.
The Malacca Possible Run 2016 was held at A Famosa Melaka. I've arrived at location around 6.30 am and I don't see any preparation on organizer. This event originally planning on 1st May 2016 but postponed 29th May 2016. I think there's not much participation. I think it is around 200-300 participation only which is not a big amount. Maybe because of the cancellation make some people get frustrated or maybe their promotion is not good enough.

The running started around 7:15 am. From A Famosa, we run through Mahkota Parade and through Pulau Melaka junction and do U-Turn . We've run straight through Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz to Limbongan and do U-turn. I've arrived back at finisher around 8:30 am. Using the Runkeeper app, it show the distance is 10.41 kilometer and my time is 1:18:43 which is my average pace is 7:34 min/km. It is okay, but still far from my personal best in 10 kilometer. 7:19 min/km when I've run at Melaka Fit Malaysia. The event is okay but there's more improvement from organizer. I dunno if they have located public toilet as I need to go Mc Donald to pee. It is not okay as runner need to go toilet before the event.

In this event, I've look that many veteran could run faster than me. It is not okay as I'm aim to get better result when participate in veteran category in next 2 years. There's more improvement needed to be done. Maybe I need to decrease my average pace to 6.** min/km this year. It look impossible but still possible because before this I just could run around 9min/km.

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