Ayer Molek Colour Run 2016

Today , I just participate in Ayer Molek Colour Run 2016. I just get a great achievement in this run because I've run almost 99% of the running. Before this, in the event I've participate I will walk at least 3 time for 7 kilometer. Okay, this event is 7 kilometer and it is a training for me before next week Melaka Possible Run 10 kilometer run.

My result for this event is 7.74 kilometer distance, my timing is 58:51 minutes and the average pace is 7:36 minutes. It is still a good time but hopefully I could try to improve my time.

The event has a prize for 1-20 winnner. I've watched the winner time. It is far for me to reached. The top 10 winner time is below 30 minutes. I know that I won't get the result but hopefully I could get the average pace below 7:00 minutes/kilometer in the next year. Hopefully my target is to reach 10 kilometer below 60 minutes next year. Wish I could do it.

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