Sumgong (KENYA) wins the women’s marathon in Rio 2016

It is surprised that I’ve watched Marathon in TV. Before this, I though Marathon is quite boring but after started run last year, now I know how it feel to run more kilometers. Maybe I couldn’t run as fast as marathoner or run longest distance like them but it could inspire me to run more kilometers after this.

Today, I just finished watching women Marathon for Olympic medal. It show how fast the runner as they could run as fast 3.** min/kilometer.  In the race Jemima Sumgong from Kenya won the women’s marathon after take lead on the final mile.

Sumgong win in 2 hours 24 minutes 4 second while Eunice Kirwa from Bahrain took silver after clock nine seconds behinds. Mare Dibaba from Euthopia took bronze as 26 seconds behinds Sumgong.

The unique participation is twin from North Korea, Kim Hye Song and Kim Hye Gyong which is get no 10 and no 11. They clock 2 hours 28 minutes 36 seconds. It is cute to see them running with almost same pace and only their shoes color is different.

Okay, I can't wait to watch men's marathon next week. But maybe I can't. 

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